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Website optimization – Is your site sending the right information to the search engines?
Let’s make sure your website is set up the way that search engines like best. We will take a look at your site structure, and make sure you have what you need to get noticed by search.

  • Content <META> tagging
  • Image tagging <META>
  • Robots file
  • Site components
  • Run an overall SEO report

Keyword research & analytics – What search terms or phrases are people typing into Google when they are looking for your website? We can help you figure out how to make the most of search by researching keywords and search behavior and matching that to your website’s information.

  • Keyword analysis
  • Updating your website based on keyword analysis
  • Recommendations for ranking higher in search engine results

Visibility reporting – Are you listed in all the major directories / services? Getting listed in directories boosts your website’s visibility to the users of those directories and also boosts your relevancy for your associated keywords in search returns. We will take a look at where you are positioned today and make a plan for where to go next!

Just some of the places you should be listed in:

Social Media Properties – Ensuring you are getting the most out of these services is critical to your business in today’s digital landscape. If your business is not sure how to get into this area or could use some help harnessing the power of social media – we can help. We’ll take a look at your page or “properties” in each of the major social media services and talk about how you can utilize each one to make your business soar on the web!

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIN
  • YouTube
  • Pintrest

Reputation Management – What are people saying about you online? With the speed of the web today, it’s important to know how your business is perceived in the online world. Controlling the message is the best way to go, but how can you do that if you don’t know what people are saying about you? We can set up monitoring that will give you a report letting you know when your company or product is mentioned online and in what context. We can also monitor when a topic is popular online that you might want to be a part of to show off your expertise in an area or simply offer a solution.

  • Topic monitoring across social media
  • Keyword /phrase monitoring
  • Industry trending topics
  • Brand management in social media (who is talking about you and what are they saying?)

Analytics – How’s it all going? How could it be better? Using the power of Google Analytics, we can take a look at just about every aspect of your website’s success and ways to get even better. We can take a look at what pages are getting a lot of traffic and which ones are not. It’s also possible to measure the success of social media campaigns printed offers and coupons whose offers push customers back to the website.

What we can learn:

  • How many people are visiting the site and what day /time
  • What keywords drove visitors to your site
  • What ads drove visitors to your site
  • How many visitors came from social media & when (responding to a post or tweet maybe?)
  • What city they are in
  • What sort of device they are using to view the site (phone, tablet, pc, mac, etc)
  • Real time stats on the site (who’s there now?)
  • What path they took on the site to get to the pages
  • How many visitors only visited one page and then never came back (bounce rate)
  • Suggestions for improvement